Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

When you look into Opia’s bright, yellow eyes, it’s almost as if you can see her soul. Though she’s only about one year old, she has practically lived a lifetime’s worth of experiences.

Opia was found on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, dragging her back legs behind her. Doctors believed Opia was born able-bodied, but she had become paralyzed in her back legs after what was likely an accident. A local rescue group took her into their care, but had a difficult time finding an adopter for Opia in Turkey. So they flew her to Animal Haven in New York for a new chance at life.

A sassy, feisty little girl, Opia doesn’t meow but rather emits an adorable “squeak” to communicate. She is quite fearless, racing after toys and devouring her food at mealtimes. Opia doesn’t seem to be aware that she is any different from other cats and, quite humorously, prefers the company of dogs over that of felines. With such a radiant personality,

Opia has become a favorite among our staff and volunteers.

At Animal Haven, we’re proud of our track record of finding special homes for special animals, and we are confident there is a wonderful adoptive home out there for Opia!


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