Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Breed: DMH

Greetings humans, I’m Diver.  I was found at a construction site hiding at the bottom of a pool they were building.  I had never seen people before, so I was very fearful.  Since arriving at Animal Haven, I’ve made friends with several staff members.  I just discovered how good chin scratches feel, and really love when my favorite staff member comes to work with me.  After a few treats, I lean in for some nice scratches.   I still get startled easily, so need a person who can be patient with me and go slow as I learn to trust you.  I would do best in a quiet home, and really like the companionship of other cats, though I could be ok on my own with the right person.

Want to learn more about me?  Come meet me at Animal Haven, spend some time with me and chat with my closest human friends.  You’ll see what an amazing boy I am once I open up.  Won’t you take a chance on me?


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