Age: 9 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Dalmatian/Bully Mix
Weight: 60 lbs

Hi! My name is DJ and I am a sweet Dalmatian mix entering my senior years. I grew up in San Diego, CA and then moved to NYC in 2011 with my person. I wasn’t easy to walk on a leash and we had a really small apartment. She could see that this wasn’t the best situation for either of us. So she found me what had the potential to be a great new home in Brooklyn with a family that had a house with a yard, just like I was used to in California.

Unfortunately, 5 years later, just this past May, they abandoned me by tying me to a pole in Brooklyn. Because I’m microchipped and my original person never changed the contact information, I was reunited with her. But same situation – she travels a lot and has a small apartment, so she brought me to Animal Haven so I can find a great home to spend the rest of my life in.

I get along well with people, kids, and other animals! Don’t you want a laid-back family dog with a face like this in your life?


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