Age: 3 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Beagle

Eeyore wants to thank you for noticin’ him! Eeyore is a sweet and low-key guy whose ideal day is snoozing on the couch with you at his side. Eeyore was rescued by a good Samaritan from an unfortunate circumstance off the streets, and we’re so thankful that he’s now safe with us at Animal Haven.

Eeyore has a tear in his back leg but thanks to weight loss and some bed rest, his leg is healing up well. Surgery doesn’t seem to be necessary at this time, but if it’s needed, Animal Haven will make sure it gets done and cover the costs. He still should avoid doing stairs or strenuous activity for awhile – not that he has any complaints about keeping things low-key.

Eeyore likely does suffer from some separation anxiety, especially once he builds a bond with someone. If someone is home all the time, this makes things easy as he loves being around people. If you travel a lot and have places to be, Eeyore may not be the best match. Separation anxiety can definitely be managed with training, but his future adopters will need to put in a lot of groundwork in the beginning to set him up for success.

Eeyore is a roly-poly boy who would love to come home with you. He’s fine with most other dogs, but prefers to keep to himself overall. Contact Animal Haven for more information on adopting Eeyore!

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