Age: 3 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed

Erin is a wonderful, loving, and loyal girl who lives with significant anxiety. She forms a huge bond with her people if given the time to earn her trust. Erin is looking for an experienced dog guardian who is willing to continue her training to ease her anxiety. Her ideal home would be outside of the city where there are fewer environmental aspects to worry her. The shelter can be a stressful environment despite all efforts to make sure our animals are happy and comfortable. Erin receives daily training, meditation, and decompression time to ease her stress. Our training & behavior team has been working with her extensively and she has been making steady progress. At this point, we’ve done our utmost to make her comfortable, but she needs that 1-on-1 care to continue her journey of tackling her anxiety that we simply cannot provide in a shelter environment. If you are interested in meeting Erin, please contact Animal Haven and schedule a time to meet her.


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