Age: 6 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Chihuahua/Min Pin Mix
Weight: 14 lbs

Juno had been loved all his life and his owners were heartbroken when they had to surrender him due to post-COVID health complications. Despite their best efforts to make it work and find other accommodations for him, they ultimately determined that they wouldn’t be able to care for him in their condition, and surrendering him was the only option.

Juno has a bright, bubbly personality and is a spunky pup who loves to play! He LOVES playing fetch and tossing his toys around to entertain himself. He’s an enthusiastic boy who attaches easily to his people and is always excited to be where the action is. Juno has shown some guarding tendencies while here at the shelter when he forms a bond with his person, so our Rehabilitation & Training team have been working on desensitization. We think Juno would do best in an adults-only home, and would thrive in a single-person home where he can have his special person all to himself.

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