Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Who’s that handsome guy? Why, it’s Magnus! Don’t let that serious mug fool you – this boy is 100% pure love, and he’s looking for a compassionate, caring person to welcome him home. Magnus is FeLV positive, but the good news is that appears to be a regressive infection and he likely will not show typical symptoms of FeLV down the line. Magnus is still a young adult and we can guess that he still has a full life ahead of him! Cats with FeLV often live slightly shorter lives, but vets consider his case to be quite mild and he may have a lot more time than most others with FeLV.

What we can tell you with certainty is that his zest for life will make his adopter as happy as it’s made us! Magnus loves attention and greets visitors with purrs and head butts. He’s a big fan of food (aren’t we all?!) and is just as spirited as can be. He’s honestly a very low-key cat who’s big on cuddling and will be all up in your business when it’s time to eat.

Magnus should be the only cat in his new home, as FeLV is contagious to other cats (but not dogs or people!), and he’s not going to mind having ALL the attention to himself. Please reach out to us directly if you’d like to know more information about Magnus!

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