Age: 1 year
Sex: Female
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Weight: 35 lbs

Mama Osa arrived at Animal Haven right before Mother’s Day. This incredibly sweet girl was rescued with her pups. All of her puppies have been adopted, and now it’s Osa’s turn for a fresh start!

Osa is ready for a well-deserved break from motherhood and is hoping to find a family to dote upon her like the queen she is! Osa absolutely adores people, as long as they respect her space while she’s eating, as well has work on Osa’s terms. We previously thought Osa should be the only dog in her home, since she didn’t prefer to be around other dogs (her puppies were enough!). But she’s recently started showing interest in playing with other canines, so she may just be selective about which other dogs she chooses to interact.

She’s shown some guarding tendencies while here at Animal Haven, so we are looking for an experienced, adult-only home for her that will hopefully guide her transition. Osa is an active, young dog who is still just a puppy herself. She’s been through so much in her short life and needs a chance for a new beginning. Contact us directly for more information on Osa or come visit her during the week at Animal Haven!

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