Age: 6 months
Sex: Male
Breed: Hound Mix
Weight: 17lbs - and growing!

Snow was recently rescued from Antigua through our amazing rescue partners, Dogs and Cats of Antigua. He’s a sweet pup that would make a wonderful addition to any family. He’s still growing of course and will likely be medium-sized; we think possibly around 40lbs!

Here’s what Snow’s foster had to say about him:

Snow is calm and careful. He is timid when first experiencing new things and people but quickly opens up and gets comfortable. After a few minutes, he will be cuddling up to you and giving kisses. He loves toys and definitely needs some right now to help with his teething (his little teeth are sharp!). He learns quickly and understood using the pads indoors to go to the bathroom after a few hours on day 1. He is playful and wears himself out and wants to chill afterwards. He is still getting used to the leash and being outside. He seemed happiest when home with me and some toys and getting belly rubs. He slept through the night from the beginning – loved curling up in a comfortable bed from night to morning. He likes other dogs and people once he becomes comfortable (which does not take long) and would make whoever adopts him happy!

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