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Frankie baby

  • Female.
  • Domestic Shorthair
  • • 9 years
7.63 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Location To visit this pet, please schedule in advance.
In Foster Care
Things to know:
  • Special Diet
Frankie baby is a gentle soul who's been through a lot. This gorgeous tabby will often give a soft meow before tentatively nudging your hand for pets-she's clearly seeking out love, and has a lot of her own to give! Frankie baby came to Animal Haven when her elderly owner could sadly no longer care for her. At 9 years old, she still has a playful side to her, but is facing a few minor health issues that have made it tough to find her a home. You might have noticed that she has a small mass on her eyelid, which our veterinary team is keeping an eye on. Frankie baby also has kidney issues, which can be managed with a special diet. She's a darling cat who we know will make someone a wonderful companion! Adopt Frankie baby!