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  • Female.
  • Chihuahua/Mixed Breed (Small)
  • • 5 years
7.4 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Location To visit this pet, please schedule in advance.
In Foster Care
Things to know:
  • Adult-Only Home Preferred
  • Quieter Neighborhood Preferred
  • Wallflower
Elianny was rescued from a large hoarding situation in Puerto Rico. She came to us extremely undersocialized, trembling when a human even looked in her direction. Completely unfamiliar with human touch, a collar, a leash, or walks, we knew Elianny would be a project. We are so incredibly grateful to her dedicated fosters who have worked for months on her rehabilitation.

Elianny has made incredible progress in her foster home and has come such a long way from the terrified dog we once knew, shaking in the corner of the room. She is now a dog who doesn't run when a human approaches. She's now a dog that loves cozying up in piles of blankets. She's now a dog that even gets excited for walks! Of course, she still has her moments, and will still need patience and understanding to adjust to a new home and a new family. We are looking for a quiet, low-traffic, home with a special family who recognizes it may take a little extra time for her to settle in. She would be fine coexisting in a home with other low-key, respectful dogs or cats, but children may be too overwhelming for her. Elianny is ready to start a new chapter in her life thanks to her incredible support system here at Animal Haven. She is in foster so please inquire below if you'd like to meet Elianny!