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  • Female.
  • Pointer/Mix
  • • 6 months
27 lbs.
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Animal Haven
Raven is a character with the biggest personality and she absolutely cannot wait to meet you!

Rescued from an overcrowded shelter in the south, Raven is a sweet pup looking for someone to show her around the big city. There's so much to do, so much to sniff, so much to chew! There's no time to lose, she can't wait to do it all with you! Raven is no dog for a couch potato, she wants to play and explore and play some more! She's an active pup who will need plenty of physical and mental enrichment to keep that busy mind happy. Raven gets along with other pups and would love to go to puppy classes to romp around! Although our dedicated team has been walking her through some basics, as with most puppies, you'll be starting mostly from scratch! She'll be looking to you for guidance on how to be the best pup she can be. From basics to socialization to potty training, be prepared to put in the work! Raven is expected to grow to be medium-sized. Adopt Raven!