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  • Male.
  • Shih Tzu
  • • 3 years
19 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Animal Haven
Things to know:
  • Blind
  • Needs Resource Management
Midnight one night, our staff received an urgent call from our partner emergency vet about a stray Shih Tzu who was struck by a car in a hit and run needing immediate care. This poor boy, who we've named Oscar, was severely matted, with a rusty collar tight around his neck, and no microchip to be found. He's only 3 years old but based on his condition there's no telling how long he's been fending for himself out on the streets, neglected and alone in the freezing cold. Although a little stressed, the veterinary team was able to shave off his thick mats and give him a thorough examination upon arrival. Miraculously, he has no fractures, but he does have a tracheal tear from the impact that will hopefully resolve with time. He may have damage in one of his eyes, but we're not sure if it is related to the incident. However, most concerning was that his doctors found fluid around his kidneys. After an ultrasound, doctors determined he had no serious organ damage and he has been discharged with some pain medication for soreness and antibiotics for his eye. We are able to say "yes to trauma cases like Oscar's without hesitation because of our Recovery Road Fund. Things could have been much, much worse, so all things considered, Oscar is one lucky dog. Oscar is now safe at Animal Haven recovering and is in great spirits! He's now looking for his next adventure: finding a home. Adopt Oscar!