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Boise_success_storyI adopted my 1 and 1/2 year old Beagle “Brody” (aka “Boise“) from Animal Haven in March of this year, 2015. Having presumably lived most of his life in NYC, he had no idea of what life in the country would be like until he came home to live with me in up-state New York. He spends his days going in and out but loves to be in his big fenced in yard. Plenty to see. He loves watching the squirrels and chasing an occasional stray one, trying to catch the birdies, dragging around big sticks, digging holes, swimming in the pool (looks cute in his yellow life-jacket) and after a hard day of watching over his domain he spends the evening on the couch with mom watching TV. Above all, looks forward to going on his run with the ATV.

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