Daisy and Jack

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I adopted these two babies from Animal Haven a few years ago although not at the same time.  The little Yorkie is Jack and the Poodle/terrior mix is Daisy (known as Phyllis when at the shelter).  They are the loves of my life.  Jack is mister energy plus and Daisy is miss laid back.  They are both sweet and kind and oh-so-loving.  Jack’s personality-plus antics are always entertaining me and at the same time is so cuddly and caring.  Daisy loves to give me hugs as she lays her head against me for hugs on my side.  Both of them are wonderful family members who love everyone.  I don’t know much about what their lives were like before they got to me, but I do know that they have the happiest life now.  Animal Haven is such a wonderful organization that cares so much about each and every animal they put up for adoption and their potential forever homes. I’m so blessed to have found Jack and Daisy there.

Lorraine Santoli


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