Leopold, a 1-year-old Mastiff, is emaciated and covered in sores due to conditions on the Yesan dog meat farm

Over the last year, Animal Haven has taken in a steady stream of dogs rescued from dog meat farms throughout Asia. Just this week, we received three gorgeous Mastiff mixes that were part of large Humane Society International rescue mission that saved a total of 149 dogs and shut down the farm ‘for good.’

“More than 2.5 million dogs a year are reared on thousands of dog meat farms across South Korea. This farm in Yesan is a typical dog meat farm with row upon row of bored, frustrated, frightened dogs in barren metal cages, many with injuries and deep pressure sores.” (source: www.HSI.org)

Animal Haven is very proud to be a safe haven for these dogs in the NYC area while they wait to find their forever families. But we can’t do it without you. Many of these dogs come with a host of medical conditions and mental trauma, which is very taxing on both our staff and finances.

Won’t you please support our efforts to help these dogs by making a donation to our Dog Meat Rescue Fund?

Yes! I want to help.

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