Doris & Ruthie

Categories: Success Stories

Many thanks for hooking us up with these Doris & Ruthie. We adore them with all our hearts! They are loved and loved and loved some more. Here are some updates on their life at home:

– They still roll on their backs at the drop of a hat.
– They love running through our fenced yard, and just being ‘doggish’ — especially Doris, who hunts and roots like any large dog.
– They are always supervised in our yard, to stay safe from flying predators.
– They still stay hip-to-hip as often as they can. We love seeing them running at full tilt, chasing each other, whether through the house or yard.
– They have a budding relationship with big brother Frisco, a Maine coon.
– Both spay surgeries went great!
– They are well socialized (probably thanks to you guys) and have a slew of big and little dog friends. 🙂

The ‘banana’ shot is their first deck dinner party; the other two show the absurdity (and cuteness) of the girls in their cones and tees.

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