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I adopted Basil, used to be Elf, late this January. It’s only been around three months but he is already one of the happiest parts of my life. The moment I brought him and home he jumped on the bed wagging his tail at me I knew we’d be best pals. Even as I type this he’s draped across my lap snoring softly.

I came to the shelter looking for a new friend after my old companion of thirteen years passed months earlier. While Basil is not a replacement for my beloved Pumpkin he is perfect for me, we are perfect for each other. He needed a home and I needed a fuzzy cuddly energy filled ball of love.

Thank you so much for putting up with me looking through so many of your dogs again and again to make sure I was making the right decision. I don’t know her name but a woman volunteer brought Basil (Elf)  for me to look at and she told me this was the dog for me, she said it many times, I was a tad uncertain but with that gentle push in the right direction and the adorable look in Basil’s eyes I went with it and am so grateful that I did.

Now Basil enjoys sleeping around on anything remotely pillow-like, taking long walks in the neighborhood, and playing fetch (he sometimes forgets to bring the toy back but he seems to enjoy it anyways).

Thanks again!

Emily E.

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