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Elijah_successAbout a year ago, our family was recovering from the death of our beloved Maltese, Nelson. We knew that eventually we would be ready to open up our home to another dog, but wanted to let some time pass and our hearts heal a little bit. One day we were in Soho and on a whim decided to swing by Animal Haven “just to check out the adoption process”. Of course the moment we met Nicky (then named Elijah), a 3 month old Chihuahua mix, we knew we had found the newest member of our family. We brought his new big brothers, Bugsy & Theo, to meet him, completed the application process, and brought him home that day! A year later, Nicky is by far the most energetic member of our crew. He loves showing off his rope toy to anyone who is interested and every once in awhile, he’ll slow down long enough to take a quick nap with his brothers. Thanks Animal Haven for adding Nicky into our happy family. We couldn’t imagine life without him!”

Will & Ronnie

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