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Well, as I write this, Fable is all tucked away under a fleece blanket, next to the heater, on her orthopedic bed. Can you hear her snoring? Good thing, because it can be a little deafening! Hahaha! No worries, of course. She’s no competition for my husband! Sigh. Fable is a big fan of car rides; loves warm, snuggly places to sleep; likes tennis balls; LOVES to eat; is not afraid of cats (but doesn’t bother them either); one of my cats, Clovis, treats her like she’s been a part of our home always; the other cats have now become tolerant of her presence; she is MUCH stronger than she looks (I’ve been compelled to say that she has a lot of nerve calling herself ‘handicapped’…hahaha); she likes to sunbathe.

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