Frankie & Valli

Categories: Success Stories

A kind person associated with Animal Haven fostered a pregnant feral cat named Fiona seven years ago. Because of that act of kindness, her kittens are living a life of luxury surrounded by love. Fiona’s gorgeous tuxedo kittens, originally named Frankie and Valli and now called Bella Darling and Gemma Darling, are adored by their two cat servants.

Bella, is a cuddly cat, enjoying hours on my lap purring or snuggling in bed with my husband and me. Gemma is a floppy cat, spending lots of time on her back with her belly in the air, a gesture of trust. She also enjoys hours on my lap purring. Both cats like being held and pet for hours. The two sisters love each other. Before eating, Bella grooms Gemma’s head and Bella sometimes allows Gemma to groom her head. Bella is the boss, Gemma is fine with that.

Our life is infinitely richer with “The Darling Sisters” in our home. I cannot imagine life without the joy of caring for these two sweethearts.


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