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Goya came to Animal Haven with severe pelvic injuries. Under our care, she underwent multiple surgeries and remained in foster while she healed up. Here’s an update from her new mom:

Just thought you might want to see and hear about Goya’s final post surgical appointment. She passed with flying colors and is in great health. She is spry and jubilant when she walks outside. She loves everybody and the entire neighborhood knows her and loves her.

Now known as Babka, check her out now: She drags the little lamb toy all over the apartment. When she wants a belly rub she barks and lets me know. She loves to play fetch, and when she’s tired she will put all her toys into her bed and snuggle with them.
I know everyone thinks their own dog is the best dog. They are wrong. My dog is the best dog!
I am grateful to all of you and wish you all and Christmas and New Year’s that will be as happy as mine and Babka’s.

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