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I adopted Holmes, (now Leo) from Animal Haven in September 2011. I had been working 24/7 up until earlier that year and I was finally ready to have a fur baby of my own. Having met someone carrying a fostering poodle (named Leo) from Animal Haven on the M31 bus in NYC, I knew that this was the place I was destined to visit to find my new addition.

I called Animal Haven to inquire about the pup “Leo” I met on the bus. Unfortunately, since I was going out of town for two weeks, Leo would be given to someone ready for their fur baby more immediately

Upon return from my trip I checked the Animal Haven website daily. Lo and behold, I found “HOLMES” and thought that this little Maltese mix was DEFINITELY the right pup for me.

I called over to AH (they had already checked my references) and they said come over asap! Holmes was available. I jumped on the train and went down and met my potential new buddy. He was a bit overstimulated (signs of the future :))! But I loved him immediately.

I called my sister and her family and they were going to join me later that day when I could drive down to AH from the Upper East side to pick up the pup and get the crate, food, sign the papers etc.

Amy, Jon and Josh met me in the early evening. We drove downtown and little did I know that the San Gennaro festival was happening and it was impossible to find parking. Luckily, one of America’s finest held my spot all night! You can see her with my nephew and me as we left AH with my new addition.

I decided to call my baby LEO (after both the first doggy I met on the bus and my favorite soap opera character). My bro-in-law gave him his middle name – Mordechai.
Yes, he’s a Jewish dog that has had his “bark mitzvah” (see picture ) :).
Every year I take a photo of Leo for his birthday. See a few attached.

We now live part time in Florida. He’s a bit confused with his residence – “do I live in that little apt in NYC, or in this big house in Fla?” ” When in Fla I think I can go potty on the floor in this extra room, I think they call it the laundry room”. I am now trying to get him to understand that this huge yard and grassy areas are bathrooms. I think he misses NYC concrete.

He also gets confused about his name. I guess I use SIRI too much. See mini movie below.

As a single woman, this dog is my LIFE. THANK you Animal Haven for giving me my only “child”. He’s spoiled and a bit manipulative but we all love him AND AH.

By the way, my sister and her family later adopted a more senior pup from AH. He has since passed away – but we think of OSCAR every single day. AND, my nephew and I helped out when dogs were brought up from Puerto Rico and needed to be transported to AH. We really do love AH.

Hugs to everyone at AH. Stay safe.
Love, Donna and Leo

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