Animal Haven is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie’s Fund. The organization has many funding needs throughout the year and is truly grateful for the support. The grant was used to help cover building costs for a new shelter at 200 Centre Street in Manhattan.

Animal Haven is thrilled to complete a capital project that has changed the face of its operations: the construction of a new and enhanced animal care facility. The goal was to create a lighter, healthier and calmer environment where it can introduce more of the community to pet adoption and showcase cats and dogs in the best light.

As homeless cats and dogs enter the new space, they receive the best care possible with innovative air circulation systems, overall spacious design and brighter holding areas. And volunteers and staff work with and for animals in a comfortable space. Creating a more inviting and calming environment helps on many levels: most importantly, animals will be healthier and happier, which increases adoptions and shortens length of stay. The open concept also enables the public to meet the animals and staff in a bright, light-filled area.

dickey after
Dickie in his forever home

Here are two of the wonderful adoptions that were made possible from Maddie’s Fund’s support:

  • Dickie – Animal Haven pulled Dickie from the city shelter. He was a senior deaf and blind Maltese mix who was extremely scared. It took a lot of staff time and love to bring him out of his shell. But once he became comfortable, Dickie quickly became a favorite. It was difficult to find the perfect home for him because of his special needs but, in the end, he ended up with an incredible family and now lives in Toronto with his many canine siblings.
  • michael and john
    Brothers and best friends forever

    Michael and John – Two kittens that came in together after being abandoned in someone’s backyard. We named the whole litter after the story of Peter Pan. A lovely family met them and fell in love with John and took him home. But they just could not stop thinking about his brother Michael and how bonded they had been at Animal Haven so just a few days later, the family returned and adopted Michael. Now they are living a wonderful life together full of love.

    Animal Haven tracks success by the number of animals placed and special needs animals helped. We were able to assist 25 animals with this grant.

Thank you so much to the Maddie’s Fund for helping Animal Haven continue its mission.

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