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I wanted to share a little update about Margaret, who is now called Minerva (“Minnie” for short). Minnie is doing wonderfully. She gets four walks a day, eats delicious wet food twice a day, and plenty of treats and cuddles every day. I’ve yet to hear Minnie bark, but she certainly knows how to get her point across — she quietly but firmly insists on climbing into my lap or joining me on my bed or couch for a nap. She also loves treats and food — her eyes light up, and she spins around in a happy dance whenever I get her food ready or crack open a bag of treats! She’s already mastered the Kong and is learning to enjoy other toys as well. Thanks to her sweet personality and love of cuddles and naps, Minnie is already a big hit with my friends and family, many of whom are clamoring to have Minnie stay with them for a few days.

Thank you for introducing Minnie into my life!

Soo Jee

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