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Mallory success story

I tear up as I write this and I haven’t made it past the first sentence yet.  I was ready for a dog but my boyfriend wasn’t quite convinced.  I knew in my heart that a rescue pup was the only option.  I had been following Animal Haven for a while on social media so I convinced Mike to accompany me to “donate supplies” (I had ulterior motives).  I suggested we meet a few dogs while we were there.  We met some puppies, but I wanted to give an older dog a chance.  I asked to meet Marnie, a dog who I recently noticed on the website.  She was rescued from the dog meat trade in Thailand.  The minute she came out, I felt a connection.  She was shy and timid, but she stood beside us and let us pet her.  As the volunteer went to walk her back, we said our goodbyes and Marnie appeared to not want to leave our side.  The minute we left Mike said to me, “I want Marnie”.  Apparently she had a few applications already but I was persistent.  I called to follow up and low and behold, she came home with us on Mother’s Day of 2015.  She’s the best thing that ever happened to us and she brings so much joy to our lives every day. We can’t imagine life without her.  Thank you Animal Haven!

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