Meet Hashtag and Babies

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Hashtag_with_newbornsFour weeks ago, a couple walked into Animal Haven with a very friendly pregnant cat that they had found. Knowing she was about to giving birth at any moment, we immediately took her in. Wanting her to give birth in a home environment, we quickly reached out to our fosters for help. Volunteer Amanda and her family agreed to foster Hashtag and her future kittens.

The same day Amanda came to pick her up, Hashtag went into labor. By the end of the day, there were five beautiful kittens curled up with their mommy.

Hashtag and her babies could not be in a more loving environment than they are! Not only do they get lots of love from Amanda and her husband, their 2-year-old daughter Lily is especially fond of them. She even reads Hashtag and the babies a bedtime story at night. The family has even decided to adopt Hashtag and one of the babies.

The rest of the kittens will be up for adoption in about a month’s time. Please continue to check our website for updates!

From Amanda:
Hashtag might be the sweetest cat I have ever met – all she wants is your attention and to be pet – not to mention super relaxed. I am almost positive her kittens also share these  traits because from the moment their eyes opened they look for you to pay attention to them and enjoy being pet and don’t get scared of anything. I guess they have to be in a house with a dog and a two year old who thinks she is part of the litter – which Hashtag handled amazing and she now looks after her as if she is one of her kittens. She really is an incredible cat and her little family is not only beautiful (they all look like mama) but really the most calm, sweet and affectionate group of cats I have ever met! Whoever gets the privilege of adopting from this family is going to be very very lucky!


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