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Featured Pet: Oscar

Oscar is a gentle and sweet cat who is longing for a quiet home to spend his golden years in. This big, friendly feline is a truly social companion and loves to be by your side, whether you’re on the couch or relaxing in bed. You’ll often find him close by even if he’s sleeping, curled up on a comfy chair or snuggled up on a cozy couch.

Oscar is big-boned, weighing in at around 18 pounds! Don’t be surprised if he greets you with a dog-like enthusiasm when he’s awake, seeking attention and wanting to be part of your day. He has been in a home for nearly his entire life but sadly was overwhelmed by 2 small children and would likely do best in a calmer home. We have a feeling he’d prefer to be the only animal as well, he is definitely not a fan of dogs! Oscar is clearly an affectionate boy, and although he can be understandably a little sassy at times (show us a cat who isn’t) he would make a wonderful companion for someone with even just a little bit cat experience.

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