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porter_success_collageHello Animal Haven Family,

It has been a year since Porter, formerly known as Nick, came home with us. My husband Erik and I wanted to give you an update on how our little Porter is doing. And who better to tell you, than the little dude himself.

“In the past year I have grown from a small, 12 lb., shy and unsure little pup to a 50 lb. bundle of sweet happy kisses.
On an average morning, I am up at 6:30 am with a kiss to my mommy to start the day, and after a refreshing jaunt across the street I am ready to have my breakfast and play some tug-O-war!  My daddy then takes me to day care where I get to play non-stop for eight hours with my friends. It is so awesome!!!  Then, In the evening, when mommy and daddy are making dinner, I am ready to play some more tug-O-war and I am always a really good boy so I get to cuddle on the couch with mommy and daddy before bed time.

On the weekends I get to do my most favorite thing: play ball, It is so awesome!!!  Mommy and daddy take me to my big yard in Prospect Park and they throw the squishy bouncy ball; I get run and jump up in the air and I always catch it… It is so super awesome!!!  After I get tired and drink my water, ’cause I am thirsty, we walk to Starbucks where I get to hang out in the sun and watch all the activity pass by.  Next we go to the pet store where I see more friends and I go up and down all the aisles and make sure every thing is smelling great!  After a treat for a job well done, Emoji , we head home, but before we get there, we make sure we play in the fountain where I get to run and jump some more!!!  It is really awesome!!!”

This past year has been so wonderful, growing together as a family and having so much fun every day.  We are so happy and thankful that little Porter chose Erik and myself to be his forever family.  Thank you Animal Haven for helping us all come together.

All the best,
Emily and Erik

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