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Just wanted to give you a pupdate on sweet Noble (now Tully). He is an absolute angel dog and is loving his cozy new home in the West Village. He’s loving, funny and whip smart. He mastered sit, paw, and potty training on his second day home! He’s walking well outside and LOVES other dogs, kids, and every human he sees. He can’t walk half a block without someone asking to stop and say hello! (And he obliges with a nice wet smooch).

He is everything we could have dreamt of and more, and we are spoiling him rotten! He never runs out of kisses and love. He’s helping mom run the business from the couch! We are inseparable. He is an absolute joy and truly a magical dog. We already can’t remember life without him! Thank you for bringing this bundle of joy into our hearts!

Thank you for all you do!

Kelly and John

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