Animal Haven has been working with various organizations and rescues affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. 

Animals rescued form hurricane-affected regions so far:

  • A mother dog and her four puppies from the Texas area
  • 20+ dogs and cats that were evacuated from the Miami-Dade municipal shelter
  • Adult dogs scheduled for euthanasia at a Miami shelter that had run out of room and resources
  • A litter of puppies from Antigua
  • A large number of animals from Puerto Rico via The Sato Project including a pregnant mom who just gave birth to 8 puppies in her Animal Haven foster home
  • More to come….

To help cover the cost associated with caring for such a large number of incoming animals, we have established the Relocation and Relief Fund

Please donate today to help us move these animals to safety. Every little bit counts.

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