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Tabitha_at_homeDear Animal Haven,

We adopted Tabitha in January 2014 and it has been such an amazing experience. Tabitha was a very spunky and wild puppy and now she is turning into such a sweet and loving dog. Thank you to Miki and Katrina for all of your help and we love animal haven so much!! In the beginning we had to work very hard to train her to play nicely and to calm down! She would walk for 2/3 hours a day with a backpack, and now she is the laziest dog we’ve ever met.  Tabitha has been hiking this past summer and learned how to swim! She also loves to get everyones attention as she walks by them. She can’t get enough hugs and kisses from anyone around her. Tabitha is now 60 lbs and 2 years old and loves living in nyc! We love you animal haven for taking in our baby and introducing us to Tabitha!!

-Britney and Russell

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