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vespa_successIts hard to believe it was 11 years ago when I met Vespa at Animal Haven and adopted her into our home. She is truly a member of the family, shown here during Summer vacation away from the city in dog-friendly Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

Vespa is a sweet girl, and she’s taught me so much during the years we have been together, including the value of patience and giving a dog as much time as they need to learn the ropes and figure out (often on a schedule that is quite different than ours) what the expectations are and that s/he is safe and “home” for the long haul.

I love this silly mutt more than i could’ve imagined — believe it or not I was actually a bit afraid of her at first, having grown up with smaller dogs — but we quickly bonded, and her brindle-y self makes me laugh every day! Thanks for saving this good dog and for bringing us together. Keep up the good work! xo, Rena and Vespa

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