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Hero-Baby Pipa

Our Team

We’re a family of passionate staff, volunteers, and supporters committed to enriching the lives of homeless pets from the moment they enter our care.

Our Staff

Tiffany Lacey
President and Executive Director

Mantat Wong
Director of Operations

Mika Ito
Director of Veterinary Care

Nicole Chan
Director of Marketing & Communications

Sandi Schiffman
Administrative Manager

Kate Chamberlain
Veterinary Care Manager

Martha Kamberi
Training & Kennel Manager

Rose Norman
Adoptions Manager

Kina Wu
Cattery Manager

Kristin Kenney
Special Projects Manager

May Tang
Adoptions Counselor

Sharon Chan
Cattery Technician 

Can Liu
Kennel Technician

Kira Turetsky
Kennel Technician

Jean Zion
Kennel Technician

Lily Perez
Kennel Technician

Oriana Garcia
Kennel Technician

Tyler Chen
Cattery Technician 


Sydney Rae Serrano, LMSW
Community Engagement Liaison


Board of Directors

Jane Wagman

Candace Worth
Vice Chairwoman

Robert Flanagan

Nikki Joson

Tiffany Lacey

Franciska Berg-Doshi

Amy Campbell

Kendis Gibson

Hillary Liebowitz

R. Scott Ornstein

Nicky Rothschild

Max W. Schapiro

Breanna Schultz

Andrew Simon

Honorary Board

Beth Finkelstein

James Keyte

Kevin Morgan

Craig Napoliello

Archie Gottesman