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  • Female.
  • Domestic Shorthair
  • • 1 year
5.6 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Location To visit this pet, please schedule in advance.
In Foster Care
Things to know:
  • Adult-Only Home Preferred
  • Foster-to-Adopt Candidate
  • Only Cat
If you're looking for a low-key couch potato, you're on the wrong profile! Jagger is here to play, play, play! Jagger is a big character in a tiny body, just waiting to strut her stuff. We were told she was raised in a household with a dog, so her playstyle is more dog-like than cat-like. She's a wiley one for sure and we hope you're ready for action! Jagger is an active and energetic cat who loves her toys and any kind of physical and mental stimulation she can get! Jagger can be feisty when she gets in the zone but she really just craves attention and interaction. She is genuinely friendly but doesn't really know how to express herself in a traditional cat manner, often giving love bites. Jagger may not make a great first-time cat but we think there's a brave cat person out there who wants a quirky weirdo like her. If you're ready for an adventure and a bit of a challenge, Jagger could be the cat for you! Come meet her at Animal Haven!