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  • Male.
  • Retriever, Yellow Labrador/Mix
  • • 5 years
67.2 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Animal Haven
Things to know:
  • Adult-Only Home Preferred
  • Single Dog Home
  • Special Dietary Needs
  • Special Needs (Other)
Monte lives with a condition called Megaesophagus. This condition varies in severity on a case by case basis with all dogs and we look to our vets directly on recommendations for his care. Essentially, Monte's esophagus is enlarged and doesn't function correctly to help keep his food down. Monte must sit in a special chair that keeps him upright in order to prevent him from regurgitating his food and he needs to stay upright after feedings for 10-15 minutes to ensure the food safely reaches his stomach. Monte has his own custom "Bailey Chair" and uses it like an absolute pro - he hops right into it when it's meal time! His chair will come with him when he's adopted! Monte is a gleeful, playful dog who otherwise lives a normal life. He LOVES toys and enjoys his "party time" in our training room where he runs out his zoomies. Although his condition prevents us from using treats to train, he's highly toy motivated and has been picking up basics like a pro! We've also been utilizing special treats just for dogs with his condition which he loves! Potential adopters will need to be aware that Monte is on a special diet for his condition and currently has 3 meal times a day. If he accidentally ingests anything between those mealtimes, he will need to sit in his chair. He's a big boy that will need consistent, unique training and supervision while he works on his impulse control! Unfortunately, Monte has spent the majority of his life in a shelter environment during the pandemic, Monte is a little behind in his socialization. He can be unsure about meeting new people and will bark at things he is apprehensive about. He is great with those who he has been properly introduced to though and good introductions will be key! Monte would likely do best in a quieter neighborhood out of Manhattan, away from any enticing sidewalk snacks he shouldn't get into and scary skateboarders. If you're interested in finding out more about Monte and his condition, please contact Animal Haven!