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  • Female.
  • Shepherd, German/Mix
  • • 7 years
92.3 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Animal Haven
Things to know:
  • Foster-to-Adopt Candidate
  • Needs Multiple Meet & Greets
  • Quieter Neighborhood Preferred
  • Working on Leash Manners
Introducing Sadie! Sadie's history is a bit of a mystery to us. This beautiful German Shepherd was brought to the city shelter after she was found on the streets, where they suspected she may have been hit by a car. We had her rushed to our emergency vet where it was determined that she had suffered no significant injuries and was thankfully discharged with a relatively clean bill of health.

True to her breed, Sadie is incredibly loyal to her caretakers and forms strong bonds with those in her inner circle. She is a very social and attentive dog when she's in familiar company! She absolutely loves to play with her many toys and enjoys her relaxing brush time. While Sadie is fairly low-key in neutral settings, the truth is she gets on high alert when strangers come around. She has no handling or guarding issues, but introducing new people to her usually takes a visit or two. While her reactivity could be fear-based or due to lack of socialization, she genuinely is the sweetest dog once you've joined her pack. We admit Sadie would make an incredible guard dog, but she may not be the best fit for you if lots of get-togethers are your thing. She'd of course do best outside of the city, but a quieter neighborhood would be a better fit for her than Manhattan. Sadie gets along with some dogs, but we think she'd be happier with all the attention to herself. Won't you give Sadie a chance? Contact Animal Haven for more information on Sadie!