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  • Male.
  • Terrier, American Staffordshire
  • • 6 years
50 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Animal Haven
Things to know:
  • Adult-Only Home Preferred
  • Elevator/Ground Floor Home
  • Meet & Greets By Appointment
  • Single Dog Home
  • Special Dietary Needs
Yet another magical creature has waddled through our doors. Say hello to Trevor! This funny little bow-legged low-rider is 100% mush! He was surrendered to the city shelter because his owners could no longer care for him. Although he doesn't seem to be in any discomfort right now, he may need follow-up care down the line due to his bow-leggedness. He should avoid doing stairs or strenuous activities but that doesn't stop him from playing and zooming around! Trevor arrived with some alopecia but with a change to a limited protein diet, it has completely cleared up! He likely had some food and possibly environmental allergies so his adopters should expect occasional flare-ups every now and then. Although he is a huge ham with the people he is familiar with, he is not a fan of dogs or cats and needs to be the only animal in the household. Here's what his foster mom had to say about him: Trevor was a great houseguest! His favorite place to be was on the couch surrounded by as many blankets as possible, and he was not shy about asking for pets while he was getting comfortable. Trevor also made for a wonderful co-worker as he was very quiet throughout the day when I was working from home and content to nap by my feet or on the couch next to me. He is an AMAZING sleeper, he slept through the night from the start and I would have to wake him up in the mornings so he could go out and start the day. Trevor loves to roll around the apartment and tries his hardest to catch his tail when the feeling to do so overcomes him! Although he does love to snooze when inside, Trevor also loves going out on walks and prancing throughout the neighborhood. He also loved going out in the snow and somehow found a way to eat snow and walk at the same time If you're interested in learning more about Trevor please contact us directly!