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  • Female.
  • Retriever, Labrador/Mix
  • • 1 year
37 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Animal Haven
Things to know:
  • Children 13 Years and Older Preferred
  • Needs Resource Management
Ella was part of an unplanned litter that quickly grew up before the owner was able to find homes for all of the puppies. Overwhelmed with 10 dogs in the household, they reached out to Animal Haven for help. Our Community Engagement program is actively working to spay and neuter all of the dogs in the household and find homes for the puppies, like Ella. We truly cannot stress the importance of spay and neuter to ensure that situations like this don't happen! Ella is a sweet girl but is a little on the shyer side. We know she's a good girl who is trying her best and just needs a little more structure and guidance to set her up for success! Ella is nervous about other dogs and keeps her distance but might build her confidence with more positive experiences. Currently, our trainers suggest a home with no other dogs as she is still working on learning cues, but she would still benefit from having further positive interactions with other dogs and is not reactive, just a bit unsure. Come meet Ella and give her the home she deserves!