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  • Female.
  • Hound, Basset/Retriever, Labrador
  • • 3 years
32.6 lbs.
Adoption Fee
Location To visit this pet, please schedule in advance.
In Foster Care
Things to know:
  • Home With Other Dog(s) Suggested
  • Quieter Neighborhood Preferred
  • Wallflower
Bruni was rescued from a busy street in Puerto Rico, heavily pregnant, just days away from giving birth. Thankfully, she was rescued just in time and was able to give birth within the safety of her amazing foster home. She raised all her puppies amazingly and they have since all found homes. Bruni is a shy but gentle soul with not a mean bone in her body. Living on the streets for so long, she is understandably a bit nervous when it comes to new people, but once she opens up to someone, you know you've found a special dog. This affectionate low-rider has come a long way since she arrived at Animal Haven. Initially she was too scared to tackle the streets of New York City, but with the help of some other four-legged friends showing her the way, Bruni has been strutting her stuff on the concrete! This sweet momma has our amazing volunteers to thank for her boost in confidence, along with their dogs! Bruni would likely benefit from being in a home with other confident dogs to show her the way or a patient family willing to take things at her pace. While she'd likely benefit from a quieter neighborhood, Bruni has proven she can conquer NYC if there's enough cheese involved. Bruni is currently in foster, please submit an inquiry below to schedule a time to meet her! Adopt Bruni!