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Jon Stewart Remembers Dipper

Our hearts break alongside Jon and his entire family with the loss of his beloved dog, Dipper. Many of our staff remember the bake sale outside the shelter over 11 years ago where Jon and Dipper met. As soon as Dipper was placed next to Jon, he sat by his side (and visa versa) for the next two hours. They were immediately drawn to each other and inseparable. It really was magic and quickly became obvious that Jon wasn’t going to leave without Dipper.

Each day, we place dogs and cats in loving homes. They are all so very lucky. But Dipper really hit the jackpot that day to find a home where the humans living in it aspire to treat animals at the highest level. Dipper went through so much early in his life after being hit by a car and losing his leg but Jon and his family gave him a brand new life that started unwittingly on that fateful day at Animal Haven selling cupcakes with his kids. Dipper lives on now in our hearts and minds as a powerful reminder of the importance of pet adoption and the love that an animal can bring into your life. So here’s to the best boy ever – Dipper. We love you, miss you, and will never forget you.



The Animal Haven family is grieving with The Stewarts, but we are so incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support we have received in honor and memory of Jon and Dipper. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for making even more rescue work possible and allowing us to continue our mission of finding cherished homes for cats and dogs in need.