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When we first saw Abby’s x-rays, we were in disbelief. This poor puppy – not even 6 months old – had been hit by a car and suffered at least seven compound fractures, as well as a dislocated hip. She was in tremendous pain.

We put out a call to our community of supporters for our Recovery Road Fund, and our friends came through in a big way, raising enough funding to cover the cost of Abby’s care! The surgeons at our emergency vet partner operated on Abby for two full days in order to repair all of her injuries. Within days, Abby began to perk up and it was clear that her pain was subsiding.


After weeks of rehabilitation and therapy, Abby caught the eye of a sweet family. They had been living in an apartment without room for a dog, but had recently moved into a home with a big yard, perfect for a puppy to run and play with her newly regained mobility. Abby loves her new family and enjoys the attention of her three human siblings.