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Gentleman Jack

When Gentleman Jack came to Animal Haven, he was covered in lumps, bumps, and scars. This poor, gentle soul had clearly been through it. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before this senior captured the hearts of his new family. They recently shared a lovely update with us:

“I lost my adopted boston terrier of 12 years - Muggsy Bogues - tragically and suddenly this June. He was more than my dog, he was my soul, my spirit; my formidable 20s and 30s were spent with him. He ended up being my guardian more so then being ‘saved’ by me. I am still at a loss of words sharing my memories of him, but I am brimming with loss, and grappling that I am not the same without him.

I gave some of Muggsy's items to Animal Haven throughout the years, and so I've been fortunate to follow your organization. When I saw Jack's ‘Boop it’ reel, the thought of another senior puppy spending their beautiful years not on a warm bed...I couldn't. The decision was rather quick, but it felt right even if I can admit now that I was a little nervous. I've always had a shared sense of injustice done on pitbulls, so naturally I am drawn then; at the same time, a 28lb boston is very different than an 80lb pitbull/great dane mix :)

Nowadays, I try to take Jack on adventures when I can! I've noticed that he absolutely LOVES car rides; particularly when he is able to stick his face out the window - jowls flapping in the wind. We've gone hiking (which he also adores) upstate; I've come to see that he is quite protective, and knows his pack immediately. I went on a hiking trip with some girlfriends recently and he would always wait in the middle of the pack waiting for those behind to catch up (and he had only met a few of them that weekend!). 

He's made friends with the puppies in our building including two corgis on my floor. He tail wags when I return from home - which was also a more recent development. And it feels to me that perhaps he knows this is home with me. We've developed a routine in the morning grabbing coffee at our local spot (the folks there know him now), and long walks on the weekend. Jack also gets the zoomies - which is absolutely wild to witness. But when he gets happy, he wants nothing but to sprint head first. It is a magical and joyful sight to witness. 

And he loves to cuddle. He cuddles everywhere - on the couch, in bed, on the floor. He rests his big head on your chest and snores away. He is helping me heal, more than I could have imagined. I love him so much. Thank you for trusting me with his gentle giant.”