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Hope you are well and safe, I know it has been a crazy time for everyone.

I just wanted to send a few pictures to you because as of today, we have had Monkey (now Winston) home with us for a year! 🥰


He is the most amazing little dog we could have ever hoped for and we love him beyond measure. He gives us so much joy each day and we’re so grateful that we found him at Animal Haven!

Winston loves his forever home in Kew Gardens, Queens. He gets lots of walks each day, snuggles and playtime, and blankets galore! Before settling in at bedtime he likes to lie on his back and get a doggie back massage. At first he was too nervous to enjoy his trips to the dog park but now he goes almost every day to say hi to his friends.

Winston goes with us to his “vacation homes”, one on Long Island and one upstate, when we go to see our parents. He loves to see his grandmas and hang out in their backyards and sleep on their nice comfy couches.

Winston is learning some new tricks (who says an old dog can’t learn any??) and is also learning how to be independent when his parents have a date night dinner out without him.

Winston is such a sweet, loving and beautiful dog. He has truly enriched our lives. He makes me smile more often than I can count each day. Thank you, Animal Haven!

Love from,
Kelsey, Sean and Winston