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Rufus was found in a park with what appeared to be a fractured leg. A Good Samaritan brought him to Animal Haven, and we immediately rushed him to our emergency vet for an evaluation. It turned out that poor Rufus did have several fractures, and underwent surgery to ensure proper healing.
Rufus 2
While he recuperated with us, we got to know his playful, silly personality. Luckily, he didn't have to wait too long before his adopter met and fell in love with Rufus!
"Rufus goes by Remi now and he's a force to be reckoned with! He has filled my life with so much love and craziness—truly couldn't imagine a day without him. When I initially adopted him, he still had his cast. After about a month, the cast was off and so was he! In the last 4 months, he's grown into his wild, goofy, cuddly and talkative self. He loves spending his time napping on his cat tree, zooming around the apartment every couple hours and then coming back to rest on my chest. As much of a crazy teenager he is, he's just as much of a snuggle bug! 
A very special thank you to Animal Haven and the patience of the volunteers that staff that have allowed the adoption process to go so smoothly. Being able to meet all the cats and get paired with one that made the most sense to myself and the lifestyle was key. As a first time cat owner, I had a lot to learn and Remi is the PERFECT cat for it. Thank you again for giving me my sweet baby :)"