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Christmas came early for our sweet senior pup, Topper!

Topper (second from right in the first photo) arrived at Animal Haven earlier this year and quickly won the hearts of our staff and volunteers. This slightly chunky senior pup was always in good spirits, and we knew it would only be a matter of time before the right family fell in love with him. While he waited, Topper starred in a photo shoot with none other than Christie Brinkley and discovered his obsession with crunchy carrot snacks while in a foster home. 

Topper now lives with three brothers: Ben (the Shepherd), Jack (the Bassett Hound) and Scout (the Puggle)! His adopter says, “Topper has found all sorts of new and interesting ways to cuddle with the rest of the pack and really enjoys doing ‘zoomies’ in the fenced in yard. He loves the big toy box full of toys and especially likes his healthy treats—lettuce, carrots, and his morning ‘toothbrush!’ He's a perfect little gentleman and seems very happy to have a big, furry family to do life with!”