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Cora found herself in our Recovery Road program after she was hit by a garbage truck. The impact seriously injured her left leg and doctors performed emergency surgery to amputate it, saving her life. Cora–who staff and volunteers fell totally in love with–made a beautiful recovery while receiving ample belly rubs from her admirers. And now, she’s found a wonderful adoptive home to call her own!


“Cora is doing really well and we learn more about her personality every day. She is both very cuddly and a ball of energy, usually you can find her either extreme playing or napping/cuddling. She loves to go on walks and is currently practicing her leash skills (she’s a little stubborn). She is so sweet with everyone that she meets on walks and has become a neighborhood favorite. Overall, she is a great work from home buddy who is either snoring or reminding me that I should stretch my legs.

Thank you for giving her a second chance! We are so happy to have her in our lives.”