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When Hurricane Ian hit Florida, Animal Haven took in animals from the hard-hit area of Manatee County. We welcomed Narwhal and her six nursing pups to Animal Haven in October. Not long after her puppies were weaned, Mama Narwhal found her wonderful family!


“Narwhal, now re-named Mama Bear, is an absolute angel. She’s an incredible dog in every way, a dream indoors and outdoors. We haven’t yet taken her to Central Park or to mingle with our numerous dog groups as she was recently spayed. But any day now this will be part of her daily routine. She is successfully putting back a few pounds after nursing her litter and is becoming more beautiful with each passing day. We fell in love with her personality at the meeting and thought she was rather unusual looking. But we had no idea that she was such a stunning beauty ’till she was comfortably settled here!”

– David & Eriko